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©Conny Wenk

©Conny Wenk

Sidonie Smith’s Maria Magdalene uses every tool at her disposal, including her impressive vocal instrument, to sway Jesus to a different life of love. -Richard Mayr (Allgäuer Zeitung)

Sidonie Smith’s Maria Magdalene…employed an entire scale of warm vocal tones to convince Jesus of the virtues of her womanly charms. -Baumiller-Guggenberger (a3 Kultur)

The way that Sidonie presents Maria Magdalene, with her sweeping ballads, is not simply fantastically-sung, but transports emotion with every note. -Daniel Herzog (Augsburger Internet Zeitung)

Sidonie Smith, with her divinely-lyrical vocal instrument, perfectly-satisfies the part… -Sara Insagg (Augsburger Internet Zeitung)

Sidonie Smith elicits roars of enthusiasm with her Whitney Houston song “Greatest Love of All”.  She is reminiscent of the unique pop diva with the incomparable voice, in style, voice and manner. - Rio


Sidonie Smith, has appeared since 2009 on international stages in cities like: Cologne, Hamburg, Vienna, London, and New York City. ...She was infatuating in songs like “Mary Did You Know?” and “Holy, Holy.” She knew without any doubt how to dial her incredibly flexible voice up from a supple soul whisper to an ecstatic-operatic-rock-crescendo.  -Walter Falk


The standouts in the ensemble: Maria, Tony, Anita.  ... Sidonie Smith is voluptuously sizzling as Bernardo's flame, Anita. -Hermann Hofer (LNONLINE)


Sidonie Smith {as Anita in West Side Story} changes precisely between aloof and effervescent, between femme fatale and femme fragile. -Jan Hendrik (Buchholz kulturfeder.de)


The concept of the musical {Jekyll & Hyde} as an intimate piece, captivates through the transcendent voices of the three protagonists... Smith is cheeky, in the moment she meets Jekyll...then fear spreads in her face, as she is battered by Hyde.  -Christian Spielmann (journal.lu)


All three actors mastered the feat of transitioning seamlessly and with full energy between character,  narrator and voice-over-function for the videos. Sidonie Smith was able, with the show-stopping number, "Bring On The Men", to successfully create an uproar in the audience, especially among the male audience members, as she filmed some of them up-close and personal for the big screen, with her hand-held video camera - which she clearly savored as much as the number of vulnerable ballads expected from a Frank Wildhorn musical. -Thomas Wagner (kulturpoebel.de)


A world class version of this world classic {Jekyll & Hyde}! ... This version of the show strains at borders and stirs passions. -(szenik.eu)


Sidonie Smith...commands attention in the...role of Marian and provides, with her powerful vocal interpretation, one of the musical highlights of the evening. - Stephan Huber (kulturpoebel.de)


Sidonie Smith as Mary Magdalene sings “I Don’t Know How To Love Him” in such an authentic way and with such an honest hesitancy, that it seems the thoughts of loving Jesus are truly coming to her for the first time, as we watch. -Mareike Hachemer and Thomas Wagner (kulturpoebel.de)


Wonderfully emotional and with massive power in the voice: Sidonie Smith as Mary Magdalene. She breathed terrific soul into her "I Don't Know How To Love Him," which the 650 audience members in the sold-out Walzwerk performance space rewarded with roaring applause, as they did for the production as a whole. -Mechthild Schneiders (volksfreund.de)


Sidonie Smith plays Todd's daughter and Turpin's ward with girlish charm. -Manfred Herker (mainpost.de)


Sidonie Smith is, as Johanna, an angel in a white evening gown with a clear soprano voice. -Hartmut H. Forche (Blickpunkt Musical)


Sidonie Smith as Maureen happily stands out from the crowd.  Her interpretation is wonderfully keyed-up…  -(Musicalzentrale.de)


Sidonie Smith as Maureen, visibly relished her first solo number, “Over The Moon” and was successful in getting the somewhat sluggish crowd…to moo with her.… In certain passages (like, for instance, in "Seasons of Love") Sidonie brought Whitney Houston to mind. -Betty (Time4Musical)


Even the conductor, Elisabeth Fuchs, worthy of much applause herself, cheered the exceptionally expressive singer, Sidonie Smith -GK (pnp.de)


Sidonie Smith powerfully embodied the role of the caged paramour Johanna. -Herwig Slezak (Wochenblatt.de)


Sidonie Smith is Johanna…she appears like a being from another world. What a beautiful contrast, her dark skin against the white satin gown, and her lithe movement.  On top of it all, she plays the harp…  -(hogn.de)